Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is starter package good for small business?

    • If you want an informative website then yes, it is the best package for your business.

  • Is shopping site is multivendor or single?

    • We offer both. Single vendor ecommerce website will cost Rs. 10,000 and multivendor will cost Rs. 15,000

  • SMS can be delivered on DND numbers?

    • Yes! For that purpose we have transaction route in which messages can be deliverd to DND numbers.

  • What is the minimum time span for SEO?

    • The minimum time duration for effective SEO is 3 months, although for better results it should be continued.

  • What is the validity of SMS packs?

    • Generally every sms package has 1 year validity but some package has more than one year validity.

  • Do we offer digital marketing?

    • Of course we provide digital marketing. Basically it is included in SEO but one can order it separately

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